Cloud Compliance Monitoring

Automated scanning and enforcement of HIPAA technical and administrative controls


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Compliance Center

Triage-based Issue Center

The Dash Compliance Center provides a detailed list of your organization’s compliance issues, order by significance and date.

Compliance Issues

Detailed Individual Compliance Issues

Dash compliance issues include all relevant HIPAA safeguards, policies, and object metadata, so your team can easily locate and resolve issues and stay in compliance.

Advanced Compliance Monitoring

Dash gives organizations the power to view realtime compliance information for their entire cloud environment, including insight into:

Networking Issues

Dash alerts you when there are issues related to cloud security groups, available ports and other network concerns.

AWS Covered Services

Dash notifies you when your team utilizes AWS services that are out of the realm of Amazon’s Business Associates Agreement (BAA).

Encryption Settings

Dash provides alerts and recommendations for resolving issues with unencrypted cloud services.

Log Management

Dash gives your team recommendations for AWS audit log configuration, so you can track system integrity. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Dash provides recommendations for backup and disaster recovery settings that your team should implement in your cloud environment. 

Policy & Administrative Issues

Dash notifies you whenever your organization must conduct risk assessments, reviews, or other tasks related to Dash Administrative Policies.